Donald Kynion


Portrait of Donald Kynion

Donald Kynion

Donald Kynion was born in Wyoming, his father worked for the railroad. After graduation from high school Kynion joined the Navy where spent almost 4 years. It allowed him the opportunity to go to college. He graduated from the University of Wyoming with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He worked for a few years as an engineer, but it wasn’t what he was looking for and so he went back to school to get teaching certification.

While visiting a friend in Denver, he heard about a teaching opportunity in the small town of Walsenburg. He met with Allen High, then the principal of Walsenburg High School. The two hit it off and thus began a teaching career that lasted almost 30 years. He was in his early thirties when he began teaching in the 1960’s. His love for mathematics and his natural teaching skills were evidenced by his phenomenal teaching success.

In the ensuing years summers taking mathematics classes, earning a Master’s degree in mathematics from Northern Arizona University along the way. And, as is the case for teachers, he not only taught but was called upon to do extra duties. He coached both basketball and golf. He taught integrity and perseverance both in the classroom and on the court or course.

After retirement, Mr. Kynion moved to Nebraska to be nearer to family. He considers his years of teaching in Walsenburg the best years of his life. Having no family of his own, his students received all the attention that he could have given a family. Our community became his home.

He sang in the United Methodist Church choir and his beautiful voice added to the depth of their musical performances.

Although Mr. Kynion is not native-born in Huerfano County, his impact upon our county is far-reaching. He devoted his best years to the students in Walsenburg High School and they have gone on to excel in their chosen fields of work. If the selection of someone to honor is measured by the legacy for the future that one leaves then this man is surely worthy of that honor. His choice of Walsenburg as the sole recipient of his genius has left our county, our home, a richer place because of his dedication and devotion to our community.